Monday, September 18, 2006

Week 1

The crushing experience of a failed IVF treatment hit me in waves this week. It comes and goes with amazing degrees of frustration, anger and disappointment. Above all though by reading other blogs I'm still encouraged and am always saying to the misses that you can not loose HOPE.
I'm really good at dishing out advice but not so good at applying my so called pearls of wisdom to my own way of thinking. Hopefully sobriety will enable me to take a good look at how I tick and adjust my timing accordingly to get back on track on the happy train. The misery bus looks to have left town at the moment.

I have to have a blood test tomorrow, I really hate seeing my own blood and hope I can stop being such a jessie.
If the results come back good regarding the 'chromothing' then we can hopefully start again in November/December.

So this is my update after 1 week:

One week gone and ZERO units consumed. Went away at the weekend on a stag night which was a real test. Now the fella I went with are not exactly known as drinking legends however the evening started at 4.30 and I went to bed sober at 2.30am.
Felt OK not at all tetchy like when I stopped smoking. Good start.

Not doing as well as I'd have liked but cut down on most shit. The fridge is full on Vegetables and I cooked a couple of mean veg curries which is a start. The multi vitamins are going down the neck OK and the food in the fridge and fruit bowl is full of anti-oxidants which should do my sperm count a favor.

Still not doing enough. Start morning training from tomorrow.

The vital statistics
Weight 110kg (294lb) - No change from last week.

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