Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I know I shouldn't be moaning but I have replaced my toxic heartburn with a shocking headache. The anti-oxi-whatsists are clearly doing the job.

I need to take a blood test so that the clinic can check for chromsomal abnormalities. This is called a Karyotype test. Dunno when I'm going to fit it in over the next few days, but we are determined to start again as soon as possible.
The real panic is if we don't start soon then I won't be able to have a beer on my birthday or at christmas/new year. Sounds stupid I know but it'll drive me mental as everyone gets hammered over the christmas period.
I felt like this when I first stopped smoking, wondering how i'd cope going on holiday with a ciggie but that don't bother me anymore so who knows.

It might just all be alright after all.


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