Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Harvest Moon

It’s a little over a year since I began blogging about my IVF experience. This time nobody rained on my parade and we were very, very, very fortunate to achieve the goal we so desperately wished for.
Along this leg of the journey I have learned about myself, which is why I wanted to record my thoughts and experiences. I’m not mad but have finally opened myself up to therapy which I hope will make me a better person. I want to be a better person so that my misses can have a husband she can rely on for support, love and the things and feelings that go unsaid. I also want to be a better person in order to set a good example for my son.

Cian is just awesome, a real dream come true. He means so much to me and I cant stop hugging him, smelling him, looking at him, talking about him and thinking about him. Finally we have a break in people coming to our house which means I get to have him all to myself and not make frequent trips to the supermarket and make cups of tea.

I just wanted to say a word about my wife. I can not begin to state just how much admiration I have for her. What's more I can not begin to say just how much she means to me and that her strength and support makes me the man I am today.

I’m not exactly fitter, but I am happier.

Oh yeah, I'm really into Neil Young at the moment. I used to think he was all old man rock and whine whine whinge but it turns out he has sung some of the most beautiful songs ever recorded.