Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So then on Monday the wee man reached 10 months and no matter how many times people tell you that time goes fast you will never appreciate what they are on about.

With hindsight I can’t emphasize just how much all the ups and downs of the IVF experience was worth it. We are lucky to have been successful at the second attempt and I know that many couples strive for longer periods and have more complicated journeys, some of which come to a painful nothing, but I can only speak from my own experience.
There is hope and at times it was difficult to see the wood through the trees.

Cain has grown so fast and is a healthy and happy baby. He has his own personality and continues to do something new each day. Each day I am thankful for the gift we have been given and I intend to make the most of it.
First of all there is the smile, at first you think it is wind but soon I realised he is smiling because I am his Dad. That smile gives me the most joyful feeling and fills me with warmth.
Now he his beginning to chat, as a child I was a vocal kid and continue to be a chatter box. Nothing makes sense but he seems to know what he’s on about. In the mornings we can hear him talking to the teddies in his cot or the animals on his bedroom wall.
The screaming when he is in pain is quite another thing. It goes through you like no noise I’ve ever heard, it rips the very heart from you and leaves your ears ringing for hours.
Teething is deeply unpleasant but the good thing is he won’t remember it.

Not sure what else to say, it gets a bit boring reading minute details about other peoples kids so I’ll stop here!

The Misses remains my hero and I know that she is so very happy about having gone through the trials and tribulations. She said she loves her new job as a Mum but the hours suck.

I’m still having regular meetings with my head doctor and can’t tell you how much this has also been of benefit. Gradually my confidence has been restored and I’m feeling so much more positive and genuinely happier. I have very few dark days and have ways of dealing with them, sometimes it works sometimes it don’t.

Take care and I hope that this serves as a positive episode of our story which may be of use to someone out there.

May your God bless you.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello again

Bless me father, it has been 4 months since my last post.

Cian is doing just fine and I have spent the past week away with him on holiday in Cornwall. It was great to spend some time with him and it was only 'some time' as my Mum was with us too and she whisked him off at every opportunity. Can't blame her as be are always talking about how difficult to road is to get to this point.

I have also been working away for the past few months and have much to talk about, hopefully I will post again in the next couple of days with a bit of an update.

Take care x