Monday, September 11, 2006

A bit of history, some lazy swimmers and roast dinners.

When we first found out we would need fertility treatment a couple of years back it didn't really hit me that hard at first. The misses was crushed but glad that she could stop feeling that there was something wrong with her. I just still didn't get it and when I did, well if you've been in that situation then you know.

There is still a lot of information missing here about the history and I hope to be able to be honest with myself and fill them in as we go along.
Cutting a long story short
So in April this year we finally settled on a clinic we were happy with, made contact and went for the initial consultation.
I was paralyzed with terror (whilst the misses had a note book so full of questions that would make Jeremy Paxman proud) I sat dumb, scared and at the same time tried to remember that there was two of us going through this process.

There were many visits to clinic over the next 3 months culminating the one last Friday to discuss why this cycle of IVF/ICSI did not work out for us.

It turns out that there is a possibility my sperm count could be increased by lifestyle changes, so this is what I must do. My lazy swimmers will need a great deal of help as will I.

******************The 90 Day Plan*********************

Stopped my 20 a day habit 6 months ago, stopped coughing in May and do feel quite a bit better. Loved smoking and felt I was very good at it. Giving up was tough.

Ok, here is the thing, stopped smoking and began to drink twice the amount as before. Again very good at drinking but I have decided to knock it on the head for 3 months. An average of 50 units a week will be reduced to zero.

Out goes no breakfast, cheese toasties at 10pm and finishing off any food the misses decides to leave on her plate.
In comes hemp seeds, 4 litres of water a day and plenty of fruit.

Need to 'up my game'. I have a 10K run on October 8th in London which I want to complete in under an hour. So we have a starting point and this is the first goal.

The vital statistics
Weight 110kg (294lb)
Other measurements to follow.

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