Saturday, September 09, 2006

So this is what I need to do....

"When we say that the embryologist had difficulty in finding good sperm, this is an understatement. For a while there we were very worried"

Suddenly it hit me. All at once, like being woken in the middle of the night.
We had emotionally invested so much in the ICSI treatment that did not work out for us and to hear those words made me remember what it felt like when I was first told we would need help.
You see like so many others I think I'd be a good dad. Infact I'd like to think that Mr Blue Sky would be the perfect dad with the perfect wife.

This blog is being written not for ego but for the hope that I stay focused and work towards achieving my goal. I hope to open up my feelings to myself for possibly the first time as blogging is cheaper than proper therapy.

Tomorrow the real hard work begins. I always think that I get the most out of each day and that I give everything my best shot. The next 90 days will see if I'm a bullshitter or not.

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