Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The title sounds like a power struggle from Ulster in the 70's don't it?

Well according to the Health Secretary, you are supposed to have a 'free' shot of IVF on the NHS.
Obstruction No 1:
Our PCT (Primary Care Trust) does not seem to have a policy on IVF or waiting list or any information about a waiting list or any information about information about a waiting list.
The Doc's were pretty apologetic about this (they seem to be apologising quite a bit when it comes to IVF)
Obstruction No 2:
If you decide to go alone with your first treatment then you revoke your right to have a shot second time round.

I needed this Karyotype test doing from a blood sample and was given a letter from our IVF specialist explaining what was required. I duely went to my GP who informed me that there are only 5 or 6 nationally based centres that can carry out genetic blood testing. If he referred me for a test at such centre this could take 8-12 weeks.
It's easy to knock the NHS but all I need from them is a fucking blood test and that is complicated. The Doc apologised (again), explained that I could have this immediately if I went privately and wished me well. Thanks for fuck all (again).

So back to the clinic on Friday for a blood test. The only good news is that it will cost £100 not £250 as my GP indicated.

Oh I got up at 6.15 and went to the gym yesterday, at last. 3 weeks before the 10k have I left it too late?

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