Friday, September 22, 2006

(not so) Brave little soldier

Had some blood taken for the Karyotype test at the clinic this afternoon.
Like most men I'm a fainter when it comes to needles, but it all went very quickly and the nurse was great.

Going into the clinic we were confronted with a women and her child. Then there on the counter top was an advert for a book called 'miracle babies'. Sat down in the waiting area and on the table was a publication called something like 'Pregnancy monthly' with a special animated guide to hormones. So 3 things not to make me feel so cheerful. Anyway the sample is on its way, we are £160 lighter and the traffic on the way out of London was shocking.

On the brightside it looks likely we can begin our second attempt sooner rather than later. This means that in about 30ish days the misses can have the Prostrap injection. If all goes to plan we might have a result before Christmas.

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