Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tomorrow never knows

"Turn off your mind, Realx
and float down stream" - Lennon/McCartney 1966

One day to go and the misses has been a real trooper. Not a single whinge
whilst I've been like an angst ridden teenager going through growing
I'm unapologetic about this though as it has been important for me to
genuinely express how I feel. Looking back over the past 10-12 weeks it's been up and down but overall I'm really quite surprised by how I feel tonight. Whilst we are far from any kind of finishing line its a relief to be at this point.

I am so incredibly proud of my wife and really want things to go well. We've both followed medical advice to ensure that we have given ourselves the best possible chance.
We have been taking the correct vitamin supplements, eating a very balanced diet of organic food and little or no red meat meat. In fact we've almost become vegetarians. No alcohol at all (yes really none) and even though I still do not cut a figure like an olympic athlete I feel healthier than I can remember.

My answerphone had a message on it when I left the office tonight, it was me Ma.
Mums always know the right things to say, and I'm not going to repeat the message but all I'll say is that I love me Ma and all she has ever done is love and encourage me.
I don't tell her enough.

The misses in tucked up in Bed and we leave fro the clinic at 7am. 25 miles from the clinic but getting into central London can take up to 90 minutes.

I'm genuinely excited for the first time in weeks. (Unusually it's not because after nearly 3 months I can finally have a beer) I am really feeling positive and its all down to my brilliant wife.

Who knows what will become of the follicles and my lazy spermatozoa tomorrow. All I know is that we've done all we can and we're 100% together.


spark said...

Sounds like you've taken great steps to prepare for this cycle! Glad to hear that you are feeling so in synch with your wife as well.

We've also been trying to be healthy but don't always do such a great about it. Just out of curiosity what vitamins/supplements do you take? I had my husband taking some antioxidants in additional to good multivitamin - and I'm hoping that didn't cause our sperm issues.

Mr Blue Sky said...

Hi Spark
I took a suppliment called Wellman its produced by a compeny called Vitabiotics (
Anti Biotics and antioxidants will assist sperm reduction so don't be hard on yourself you were doing the right thing. I bitched and moaned about having to take suppliments but it seems to do the job.

Mr Blue Sky said...

I meant Production not reduction!!