Friday, November 24, 2006

Night Swimming

Today got off to a great start. 16 follicles from the misses and my count had increased to 20 million.
At last, I'm Mr Average!!

The embryologist came into the recovery area when the misses went into the operating theatre to have a little 'chat' with me. She explained that there had been a recent science paper which showed and incresed rate to motality/morphology whatever when more than one sample was given. Our clinic were keen to go along with this advice from the research.

Embryologist: "so, we would like you to produce 3 samples for us today"

Me: "three?"

E: "yes sir"

Me: "you are aware that I am not 19?"

Nothing like an ill timed joke however she laughed gracfully and I agreed to try my best.

The misses was in a little discomfort when she first came round but we were more hopeful once we had received good news about the quality of my sample(s). We had swimmers (woo hoo)
It was certanly a great deal better than the first IVF attempt.

So right now we are at home. I am enjoying my first beer for 12 weeks and feeling pretty optimistic.

We find out tomorrow about the quality of the embryos.

My wife has been (as ever) so very brave. Her strength and determination knows no bounds and I understand just how much she wants this to work. We have prepared well and we hope for the best. Babe, I love you xx



spark said...

Congrats on having a great day yesterday! Guess all of that hard work preparing for your cycle is paying off! And LOL about not being 19. DH had to do a second collection yesterday but he seemed to manage. :)

Hope you enjoyed that beer!

SmarshyBoy said...

Hey Bro - I'm very happy to hear the retrieval went well. Any update on the embryos?

Regarding your question on my blog about timing, we will probably do the final "triger" shot on Sunday, for a Tuesday retrieval. Then 5 days later will be the transfer. 17 days after that will be the beta blood test.

We did about two weeks of birth control pills to start, then daily lupron injections for about 2 weeks, then we started the stimulant injections, and we've been doing those for about a week. The whole cycle is like 6 weeks.

No one ever suggested I stop I never did. I still have a beer every night. I hope that doesn't turn out to be a problem...

Looking forward to your update - Good luck

Mr Blue Sky said...

Nice one Smarshy.
Glad things are going well for you guys.
The process seems to be a little different here in the UK. I'll have a chat with the wife and let you know how it works over here. It may be of interest.
It's really cool to have found people going through the same shit and I appreciate your and Sparks comments.

Take it easy amigo