Monday, November 27, 2006

Stick with you

This morning we had a call from the clinic. The senior embryologist apologised for not calling us yesterday but there really was little news he could have given us.
We were both a little on edge and even though it is sensible to deduce that no news is good news, this whole IVF journey has, if nothing else, made me a little sceptical.

Turns out the 4 little beauties had done well over the weekend and two in particular we're making excellent progress. (In the UK you are only allowed to have 2 embryos transferred)
Naturally we were delighted and made the journey into London with a good feeling.

Again the staff greeted us like royalty and the Doc was as calm as ever.
We were given an enhanced photo of the 2 embryos which will hopefully one day make it into a photo album. "and heres you 72 hours after conception.."

So with the misses on the operating table and after a brief chat with the embryologist the Doc said "OK, lets make you pregnant."
Last time I couldn't see through my teary eyes as I was in awe of the whole process. This time I was on hand to actually give the misses some support! It really is an amazing moment.

Everything so far has gone to plan and I hope the little magic embryos manage to get a snug little place to settle and hold on. Shes gonna have to take it easy and fortunately her boss has allowed her time off work which is a good thing.


not so fertile girl said...

Oh, yeah! Transfered two! yahoo! I will be praying for your little guys!

spark said...

Congratulations! Glad you got to enjoy that amazing experience - I do feel so fortunate to have IVF available to us. Hope the embryos are nice & cozy and stick around for a long time. Enjoy the time off!

Anonymous said...

Mate, amigo here.
I think its fantastic what you and the "missus" have gone through and still come through the other side smiling. I know its been so hard for you both and such an emotional rollercoaster but now we all have our fingers crossed (all my old arms too, LOL ROTFL) for you and i even lit a candle in church on sunday for you guys, i know church!!! As you know im not the most religous but it cant hurt. In a word, i love you guys and think you both have done this as a couple of fantastic people. Im glad you guys are in our lives.
Lots of bear hugs,
Amigo xxxx

Mr Blue Sky said...

Thanks a million, all of you.
It's really comforting to know people are sending us positive vibes.