Tuesday, November 21, 2006

All the small things

Had a great weekend with the misses.
Friday night was date night and we went to see a movie (Borat) laughed ourselves silly ate a bucket of popcorn and had a really enjoyable night.
Saturday we went to lake nearby with my brother and the two dogs. The 5 mile walk just sailed by with crisp blue sky and the trees dropping their coloured leaves was a really heart warming sight. Chatting about the small things that matter and not thinking about IVF made a real change.

I did bring the subject up towards the end of the walk and the feeling was that we were unsure if we had a feeling about it at all!!

The misses has another scan tomorrow before the egg harvest on Friday. She has a cute little pot belly where the eggs are growing and the doc says there are about 16 (last time there were 24) which will hopefully mean she won't be as uncomfortable as last time.

Friday is coming and I'm hoping for the best. My men have been well trained and I hope they decide to fucking behave themselves and give the embryologist an easier task than last time.

Then its back on Monday to find out how many have embryos have been developing over the weekend and if they are any good transfered back to their home.

Then comes the wait..................................................................


spark said...

Sounds like a refreshing walk. Good luck on Friday - hope the retrieval goes well!

Mr Blue Sky said...

Hey Spark
we are on the same time line as you. Wishing the best of luck.
Take things easy and as we say in London 'keep yer chin up girl' x