Friday, March 30, 2007


Tonight we begin a 1000 mile roadtrip to see some family. Today we are going to begin from london and down the evil M4 motorway to Wales.
A's brother moved there last summer with his wife and our 2 beautiful nieces. We found out last week that they are also expecting a new arrival in October.
It is a beautiful part of the world despite the fact that the girls have picked up a Welsh accent! I always manage to corrupt them in a few hours. Before we leave them on Monday I'll have them talking like Londoners which will annoy the sister in law.

On Monday we drive from Wales to Scotland to stay with A's aunt and uncle in the Border region. Again it is such a beautiful place and the misses' family make me very welcome. Whilst she has to sit around drinking tea and chatting with the aunt's I get to go to the pub and get hammered with the male folk or play some golf.

I'll be back after Easter and hopefully we'll have an updated scan and an update.
Take care


Brenda said...

Hope you both have a wonderful and safe trip!
I love the thought of driving holidays.
And you make sure you stuff those nieces up as much as you can!
What else are nieces and nephews for????? lol


Tigger said...

It's after Easter... :) I'm hopeing you survived that road trip and that everyone is doing well!!