Monday, March 05, 2007


Need to do some catching up, so lets start with the good stuff.

The misses is doing just fine. Last Friday we had another midwife appointment which went really well. Bean has a very strong heartbeat and well, so far so good.
The midwife was really lovely and a pleasant change from the witch we encountered on our first visit.

Everyday that we get further into the pregnancy we continue to count our lucky stars. Not for a single moment have we taken this for granted. The misses is feeling much better during this stage of the pregnancy but has not had any wired cravings yet other than a new found desire to drink an illuminus fizzy orange drink call Tango oh and this weekend I smell like chocolate milk apparantly.

I've been not so good and as usual, hid it from the very person who can help me most. Anyway had a chat on Saturday night and I do feel much better.
I don't want to explore it too much today 'cos I feel good. I know I need to get a couple of things out of my mind.

"I wander hopelessly trying to think about me
But I’m trying to forget the things that dwell on me
Sitting on a horse to the wind and sit in my comfortable tree
Mesmerised by the beautiful sky sit thinking where I wanna be
I'm gonna sleep with the peaceful moon again until the sun bleeds through
my eyes
I’m gonna wait until the morning comes to wipe the sleep out from my eyes "

Scott Matthews - Dream Song

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Brenda said...

Glad your back and doing ok.
I love hearing good pg news. So keep it coming. Everything will be great and you will be boring your little person before you know it! :)