Monday, January 15, 2007

Got the skills to pay the bills

What a shit couple of weeks. I have been working my arse off at work on a project for 3 months and the last few weeks have been the most stressful. I have been working more hours than anyone else in the company. I have been delivering on lead times, solving problems and all without a single thank you. I know most people hate their jobs and I do not expect to get a pat on the back for turning up at work every morning. But you would think that after 3 months of working hard and delivering results the boss would pull you to one side and say ‘ nice one’. Nope fuck all. Silence.

I have thrown a few hissy fits at home and the misses had been backing me up and been tremendously supportive.

Then I relax and remember that what really matters is the 3 B’s –

  • My Beautiful wife

  • Bean

  • The Boy (my dog, jimi hendrix)

The misses has been in great form but feeling very sick most of the time. Food is bought then stored in the fridge and sometimes makes the plate before being thrown in the bin. I feel for her as even her favourite foods are making her feel nauseous.
- She has just announced that Green Thai Curry is also off the menu forever –

The Bean is growing and the belly is protruding, I can’t wait for the 12 week scan to get another look at the little beauty. I swing from feeling to feeling on the sex but we can’t bear to get to far ahead of ourselves.

The Boy is becoming a little more protective and we have spoilt the dopey little sod so much that we are not sure how he will be if we are lucky enough to get to meet Bean.

Oh by the way I had an interview today for a new job and was given the opportunity to head up a department in one of Europe’s biggest communications companies. I’m delighted and can’t wait to tell my current boss to ‘do one’ tomorrow morning.


SmarshyBoy said...

Sounds like you've got the right perspective, re: the 3 B's.

Congrats on the job offer! Of course I'm very interested in knowing the company and the department, but then I remember this is the internet and you can't divulge that. But congrats nonetheless.

Tigger said...

YAY on the job offer! And yay for the missus doing ok, and definitely sounding pregnant. :) STICKY VIBES being sent your way.

What a pretty puppy! I have a few friends whose animals became more protective of them when they became pregnant...maybe The Boy is doing the same. :)

Gil said...

Yet another blogger who JUST found your blog and stumbled by to say CONGRATULATIONS on both the job and the little bean! Oh what wonderful news for you both.

As for The Boy being protective, I'm sure that is what is going on. I have two kitties (one of whom cradles in my arms, paws up, like an infant) and I just know he'll either be protective or downright jealous if ever hubby and I get to the BFP stage!

Love to you and your wife. And keep us posted. I've linked you from my blog now too so I can catch up!