Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Boxer

noun [C]
1 someone who advises people on a particular subject:
a management/financial/computer consultant
a firm of public relations consultants

2 UK a specialist (= doctor with special training and knowledge in a particular area of medicine)

3 A breed of patronising asshole who really deserves to be kicked in the bollocks at regular intervals thus ensuring the smug persona is kept in check


The hospital visit went pretty well and if Bean decides not to appear before, then the misses is booked in for Induction next Saturday (18th).
The scan showed Bean is healthy but the sad thing is that we struggled to tell what was what at this late stage. I love looking at Bean on the ultrasound and marveling at the seemingly impossible sight of our little miracle.
A still expects to be told that there is no baby there and it's all been a mistake.

Measurements are all just above average to initial fears of a whopper have been allayed. Bean should weigh something like 7lb 11oz.
The sonographer, maternity assistant and midwife were all very friendly and a pleasure to deal with.
The consultant on the other hand was feckin eejit. Why do they have to speak like you are a dribbling moron? Needless to say I had to put him straight and the remainder of the consultation was very matter of fact. I know I shouldn't be surprised or angered but man they get on my tits with the way they treat you.

If there is any news over the weekend then I'll keep the blog updated.

Take care everyone


Tigger said...

WOOT! Sounds like it's all coming together for you. Bean will be here soon, even if he/she IS being stubborn and not letting you know. Hopefully you have names for both genders picked out.

Docs are notorious for thinking their patients don't know jack. I've had to impress a few docs with my knowledge and after that they start treating me like I'm an intelligent being. Stupid doctors. :) I'm glad you set yours straight.

Gil said...

It really sounds like things are going fantastically. It won't be long now. I'm hoping your wife is getting some sleep, although I'm not going to count on it! Hang in there. This part of the journey is almost over for you, but the next part is going to be much more exciting. Sending all the best to you both for a happy, healthy delivery. Keep us posted.