Thursday, October 05, 2006

Beautiful Day

After finishing in the gym this morning I walked accross the car park and facing me was the most beautiful sunrise. Pinks and orange lit up the early mornng sky and the sandstone building behind me looked like it had been painted in a pastel orange.
Driving home, admiring the sky to the left, I went past the deep green rugby pitch and to my right was a darker sky and there was a rainbow which just went straight up.

I once herd someone say 'how can you witness a sunrise and say that there is no god'.

Now I'm not going to change my mind on questionable non entity but it was quite something.

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Hoping For A Baby said...

Just found your blog. Nice to see a man blogging about infertility. It reminds me that it's me and my husband, together, who are struggling with infertility.