Friday, July 20, 2007


Hello, I've waited here for you....

So we are at 36 weeks and hopefully I'm just a short time from meeting Bean.
It feels as though it has been an extraordinarily long time coming from those first steps on the IVF trail. Not for a moment has the feeling of doubt left me. We are so close and still can't believe how well it is going.

The misses is in great health and everything is ready and waiting. Everything remains crossed and it's difficult no to get carried away and allow myself to get too excited.


Tigger said...

4 more weeks! YAY! :) It's so wonderful to read that things are still going so well after such a rocky time getting here.

It's ok to get excited every once in a while, you know. Does the old brain good!

brenda said...

My gosh, the time may not have gone fast for you but its seems to have gone very fast at my end. Im so excited for you both. Not long now till you have that little one in your arms!


lola said...

anxiously awaiting your news!!