Friday, February 16, 2007

The wonder of you


Back again after some blogger account trauma.

So, hows it going? Since I've last been able to blog an awful lot has happened in 3 weeks. Most importantly we had our 12 week scan.

Bean is doing just fine and whilst I play it cool with the misses, Inside I was desperate to hear that everything was OK. A lot of people pin so much significance to the 12 week scan that you can't help but be dragged along with the feeling that after this point it's ok or not ok.

My outward inertia belied the feeling of fear beneath my seeming cool exterior. To say I was shitting myself is an understatement.

For me all I wanted to hear from the the team at the hospital was that everything is alright.

I was so delighted I can not describe the feeling. In actual fact I have not articulated this to A and the first time she Will know about it is about 10 minutes after I post this.

Sorry I said feck all hon, I just didn't want to add to your worry.

Ok so without further a do, ladies and gentleman please say hello to Bean.


Brenda said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you both on the 12 week scan!!!!!
And a big HELLO to Bean!!! (although I cant see the pic of you - if there is one - sorry)

I'm sure getting past the 12 weeks scan is a load off both your minds.

I hope the rest of the pg goes nice and smoothly. Hell I hope its as boring as shit!!!! :)

Glad you were able to sort out your blog dramas.


Tigger said...

Welcome aboard Bean! :)

Congrats on the excellent u/s, and good job on keeping things like that from your wife. She shouldn't be too mad at you, hopefully, since you had her best interest in mind. Just remember that sometimes we like to know you're scared too - makes us feel less alone!