Sunday, December 03, 2006

Try Not To Breathe

This time last year I was in Nepal climbing a few hills and eventually getting to a peak of 4100m (nearly 14,000 feet). Now, if I thought that trekking in the Himalaya was tough, I was wrong.

Nepal is a fantastic country, we visited during a cease fire and were trekking in a part of the country that was overrun by Maoist rebels however, our trek leaders had planned ahead and written to the head honchos. We had been granted a safe passage through the mountains and we're guaranteed a stress free stroll in the foothills of the highest peaks on planet earth. We we're unaware of this (typical tourists) however I had been following the political situation with some interest and thought that we may meet some freedom fighters on our travels. If truth be told I was actually very keen on meeting these people, as long as no one was going to point an AK47 at me or my Mum. Oh I forgot to say that I did this trek with me Ma.
Any way all we really had to do on this once in a lifetime experience was walk. We had sherpa’s to carry the baggage, tents, food, etc.

I fell in love with the county and the people but most of all this experience made me realise just how fucking lucky I am to be me. More importantly I taught me just how fortunate I am to be able to have choices in life.

This 2WW is really getting to me. My Misses has been amazing, not a single whinge. She has been really unwell since the egg collection but has not complained once. It kills me to see her hurting physically.
In many ways it is a piece of piss for us fellas, we’ve done our bit and are allowed to get on with our usual patterns. After the last attempt at IVF we are more prepared for things not to go our way.
It still really hurts though to see her not at 100% and every time she twinges I am immediately concerned. All we can do is wait………


spark said...

I've always wanted to hike in the Himalaya - so impressed that not only you went, but so did your Ma!

Hope that A is feeling better soon!! She is lucky to have such a caring husband by her side.

Thinking of you both.

lola said...

Wow, how amazing, and that your Ma went with you as well!

The 2ww is brutal. My husband is trying his best to keep me from going completely insane. He tells me all the time how he feels badly because I have to do all the physical stuff and all he does is wait. I told him that he is the person who keeps me going when I feel that I can't so he is the one with the most important job in all of this.

I know that Mrs Blue Sky must feel the same way about you.

Here's hoping that we all get some good news VERY soon. :)